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Every time that a pond is treated chemically to kill plants or algae, the dead material drops to the bottom of the pond (and with nature's combination of leaves and animal droppings). This dead material will then decompose and add to previous layers of nutrient rich organic sediment. As that layer gets thicker, and then receives sunlight, growth begins again. The plants will then thrive as they reach for sunlight. As they get closer to the surface, the plants become even more robust. These plants also create a platform closer to the surface that algae can thrive on, and when it gets enough sunlight, the photosynthesis in the algae creates gasses that then lift the algae to the surface where it will float and reproduce. The algae can flourish on the structure of the plants and branches near the surface. As layer upon layer of sediment builds over the years, it often covers or completely plugs naturally aerated spring flow into the pond. Natural springs provide fresh oxygenated water to your pond, and when hindered or plugged, often the ponds high-water level is affected.

If you are interested in cleaning your pond, we can help you put together a plan that will improve your ponds health for years to come. Remove the Organic Sediment buildup, and you'll have a beautiful pond for years to come while reducing or even eliminating seasonal treatments.

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From the small stuff to the overwhelming huge projects, we have what you need at AquaVac Canada. Click items below to learn more.

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Our Products

With a few simple but effective products, you can keep your pond neat, tidy and environmentally friendly for many years to come. Click items below to learn more.

Identifying the growth in your pond is the first step to controlling it. Not all growth is necessarily bad. Some types of algae, such as chara, act as filters that keep your pond water clear and clean. In order to control and kill unwanted algae, ponds should be treated with algaecide several times a season. Our products give you a safe, cost-effective way to maintain algae growth before it takes over your pond..
Aerators circulate the bottom layers of your pond to the top, preventing the pond from becoming stagnant and keeping water oxygenated. Our aerators, when combined with colorant and bacteria, will help you prevent weed and algae growth, pond turnover, and fish kill. All of our aerators and pond fountains use green technology to maximize efficiency and save you money!
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